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Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 1 08:48:00 EDT 2004

Otter discovered

<I'm Gair in _Power of Three_.> 

One of my favourite characters, I like the way he
thinks until he has done thinking before he acts.

I wrote

<I also tried channelling Robin Hobb's Fitz, the
first time I got Roddy and after fine tuning
Calcifer, which seemed a better result.>

On second 2nd thoughts I can find a number of
resemblances between Roddy and Fitz. Each grows
up in a royal court of which they are,
apparently, an insignificant member. These courts
are riddled with treachery. In fact possessed of
great potential they are being used to further
the aims of others. In Roddy's case at the moment
of crisis her parents are unable to give any
support, Fitz's are never much help, but they do
have powerful grandfathers............  


But Ven, how did you get Sirius?  I have been 
trying to channel him for a number of quiz 
results now, and keep coming out Throgmorten or
Calcifer, sometimes both.  Two fascinating 
characters, of course, but I've always been 
partial to Sirius.  This is a wonderful quiz.

I was very pleased to get Sirius, I wasn't at all
sure I would be able to, for one thing I was
always having to decide whether to answer as
Sirius on earth or in the heavens. I'm not even
sure if I can reproduce the effect but these are
the crucial (as in most difficult) questions I

1. Where Sirius stands in relation to the law.
He's certainly a lawbreaker, not only in the most
obvious sense but in the way he breaks out of his
pen and the things he gets up to once he is out,
but how do you categorise the rest of his
relations with the law?

2. In general where Sirius' checks more than one
answer they are often in high contrast -- he
travels "wearily on foot/at high speed on foot"
or by "translocation of some kind, or
instantaneously" (At least I hope that's how I

3. A wife is "a n other relative.

I was expecting to do a longer list but my second
point seems to explain how I reasoned for all the
questions that didn't have obvious answers.

I hope this helps you find Sirius.


<Then I did it as the main character of my 
favourite television series
(Doctor Who), and got:
Throgmorten in The Lives of Christopher Chant

(At some point, I think I'm going to go back and 
do it again for each
version of the character instead of an aggregate:

I bet they're not all Throgmorten.)>

I bet they're not too! In fact just off the top
of my head I should think at least one or two
would be Chrestomanci and the first doctor could
even be Gabriel de Witt.

And then, just for a laugh, I did it as a small 
pebble, and got: Fifi in Archer's Goon

That was an act of pure genius, a small pebble
tee hee.

Gili pointed out 

<And, Roger - you're the one who designed the 
quiz, so obviously you would be
Chrestomanci. It's only natural. (Don't ask why, 
it just is).>

It is too, and much appreciation is due to Roger
who I shamefully didn't include in my earlier

This is more than a quiz, you know, it's a
powerful literary engine for the understanding of
the works of Diana Wynne Jones as well as any
number of other books/characters! Perhaps every
author should have one.......


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