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>I agree she might be sensitive about that, though I don't think DWJ comes
>anywhere near accusing her of plagiarism in the *Times* interview (the
>sub-editor's headline didn't exactly help). But JKR denies having read much
>more than DWJ: she claims never to have read Roald Dahl, for example, whom
>I'm sure many people have seen as a presence behind some of the Dursley
>scenes. And in fact, according to one interviewer: "she told me that she did
>not read children's books. She also mentioned that she does not read fantasy
>fiction at all." Now that just strikes me as bizarre. It's not just a
>question of seeing resemblances between certain scenes, characters, devices,
>etc in Rowling and those in other authors. These could be coincidence, as
>I'm well aware! It's the fact that so much of what she does seems to work
>*through* allusion to and variations on existing conventions, so that for
>her to deny all knowledge would be a bit like Philip Pullman denying he'd
>read Blake and Milton. What would be the point of that?

It does sound very strange and insecure or extremely arrogant. Is Rowling 
claiming that she re-invented all the conventions of fantasy which appear 
in her books? Most writers admit that they read, and the ones who studied 
literature have also heard of the idea of influence.

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