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Was quite amazed to see this topic pop up this morning!  I took my ferret Fudge to the vet yesterday, and have been writing about her in my blog.  I thought this post might be about my ferret and was very confused that it came from the DWJ mailing list :)

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	It must be time for a food thread! So, the other
	day I came back from a nice evening at the pub
	and decided I absolutely had to make fudge, even
	though it was a quarter to midnight and I had
	jaffa cakes if all I wanted was something sweet!
	Later, contemplating the rather crumby, gritty,
	but nonetheless delicious result, I realised why
	I'd had to make fudge -- I'd beeen rereading
	Carol O'Neir's dream in whichthe fudge  Melvin is
	making goes wrong and ends up on the hotel
	carpet. Anyone else just had to eat something
	they've been reading about?

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