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Wed Jan 28 15:42:35 EST 2004

  Melissa explained...

  > >  Am I missing something here?  Because I see the full modified phrases as
  > >"attention to detail which makes the book so good" and "attention to detail
  > >which makes the book feel so right".  And those are parallel, and it's all
  > Those sentences are parallel, but in truth I wouldn't have pulled them out
  > of the original sentence.  If you were diagramming it (and it's been a very
  > long time, so this will be very broad) you would have "attention to detail"
  > and then "which" hanging down from that, and the two clauses coming off of
  > "which."  In order to have "makes the book" apply to both clauses, you would
  > have to modify either "so good" or "feel so right" to be parallel
  > themselves: either add a verb to the first, or cut "feel" out of the second.
  > That may still not make sense (present tense usage!) but that's why I read
  > the sentence the way I do.

  Aha!  Now I see where you're coming from!  See, diagramming sentences, to the
best of my knowledge, has never been taught here - I'd say it wasn't when I went
to school, but they didn't teach *any* form of English grammar when I went to
school (don't know if they do now - probably not).  Most of the grammar I
"officially" know I got from French and German classes.

  Must now go and check out Roger's link.

  Until the sky falls on our heads...

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