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On Monday 26 January 2004 12:18, minnow at wrote:

> In the 1380s the Frisians gained a certain notoriety (among the
> English, anyhow) by slaughtering their captives out of hand instead
> of doing what sensible, mercenary people did and holding them to
> ransom.  They were a bit of a byword for Not Playing Fair, for a
> while there.  I almost certainly had ancestors on both sides in that
> particular squabble so I can be reasonably unbiased about it: the
> English shouldn't have been in Frisia to be slaughtered in the first
> place, chances are.  :-)

Er, I almost certainly had ancestors on both sides too, my 
great-grandmother in the direct female line was English (and three of 
my father's grandparents were Frisian; that's the three-eighths).

> obDWJ, I always slightly felt that Holand was somehow akin to Frisia,
> though I have never been able to put my finger on why I felt this.

Yes, me too; when Dalemark comes around again on the rereading pile I'll 
pay attention to it.


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