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Mon Jan 26 07:16:04 EST 2004

Otter wrote:

>On Sunday, January 25, 2004, at 01:48 PM, Dorian E. Gray wrote:
>>   I can't help on may/might, but I do know who/whom.
>>   Example:  "That's the man [who|whom] I gave the documents to."
>> (Ignorning
>> other yucky aspects of the sentence!)  Recast:  "I gave the documents
>> to...him!"
>> Ta-daa, we use "whom" here.
>This one's even easier because you can recast it as "That's the man to
>whom I gave the documents."

As with "will/shall", "would/should", what happens in speech is that the
problem gets bypassed.

What people *say* is, "That's the man I gave the documents to" or even
"That's the man I gave the documents".  No who/whom dilemma, because no
who/whom at all.


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