DWJ moment

Katarina Hjärpe head_overheels at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 25 17:43:05 EST 2004

> >Just wanted to share a DWJ moment that came to me at a rather unexpected
> >time:
> >In the cinema, during the "Return of the King"....
> >
> >Pippin really needs to find Gandalf, he runs and shouts: Gandalf! Have
> >you seen Gandalf ? Gandalf!
> >And I found myself counting: "1, 2 and... 3" and thinking "Ha, if he was
> >looking for Chrestomanci, he would appear right now!"

*grin* I had a similar moment seeing the trailer to the League of 
Extraordinary Gentlemen. They say something about needing one man, and I 
went "Chrestomanci!" right away. Was sorely disappointed, too.

Gandalf really *should* learn that trick from Chrestomanci on how you arrive 
after having your name called three times. It would save a lot of trouble. 


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