Now terminally OT (was Re: Howl's Moving Castle soundtrack)

Irina Rempt irina at
Sun Jan 25 17:13:21 EST 2004

On Sunday 25 January 2004 22:53, minnow at wrote:

> Yes, I am; also un-PC.  I refuse to accept that dragons are in
> general oppressed, however much they may be a minority, and I'm
> certain that duelling has rules quite apart from those that apply in
> ordinary combat (unless one is a Frisian, in which case my studies
> lead me to think one may be utterly beyond the pale, but I am fairly
> confident you are not a Frisian).

Erm, what's that? I'm three-eighths Frisian (and I can read and 
understand, though not write or speak, the language). 

Does Frisian duelling use combat rules, or does Frisian combat use 
duelling rules, or what?


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