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Roger Burton West roger at
Sun Jan 25 17:12:19 EST 2004

On Sun, Jan 25, 2004 at 09:53:34PM +0000, minnow at wrote:
>Roger wrote in reply to me:
>>It is part of the canonical draconic fighting style. I do hope you're
>>not planning to be culturally insensitive about this?
>Yes, I am; also un-PC.  I refuse to accept that dragons are in general
>oppressed, however much they may be a minority,

Pah! Knights come along and attempt to spit us on those gert lances of
theirs, and nobody even tries to arrest 'em. (Not that they usually get
the chance, after the first attempt...)

>and I'm certain that
>duelling has rules quite apart from those that apply in ordinary combat

Well, yes. Starting with "challenged party has choice of weapons".

>(unless one is a Frisian, in which case my studies lead me to think one may
>be utterly beyond the pale, but I am fairly confident you are not a

Not that I have ever noticed. Though my ancestors ate some Geats once;
does that count?

>>Probably. What am I allowed to fling back at you while this is going on?
>>Dry dragon-kibble is likely to soak up any water in which you might
>>happen to be lurking, which would be uncomfortable at best...
>If it is a duel with fish-fingers, I don't think dragon-kibble is within
>the terms; your seconds should stop you using it.  Or maybe mine ought to,
>I'm not quite sure how it works.

I think they're supposed to be getting us to see reconciliation. Would
you be interested in a second-hand castle, suitable for being sunk in a

>I think you probably have to use *very small* fish-fingers.  Weaponry
>bigger than one's opponent is surely unsporting?

<puzzled look>

Ah. Now I understand. We're duelling with Mornington Crescents.

Hang on, I'll just get the Wheatstone (sic)...

>>Assuming straight digestives, not chocolate-coated? Hmm. I shall have to
>>go and practice.
><whistles a little tune>
><waits for the sound of explosive coughing>

<runch><runch>       <runch>

Four. But it takes a bit of thinking about.

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