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Sun Jan 25 16:53:34 EST 2004

Roger wrote in reply to me:

>On Sun, Jan 25, 2004 at 04:15:32PM +0000, minnow at wrote:
>>I have a feeling that to eat one's opponent is considered fairly
>>unacceptable duelling practice in the Best Circles -- or come to that, in
>>any circles at all.
>It is part of the canonical draconic fighting style. I do hope you're
>not planning to be culturally insensitive about this?

Yes, I am; also un-PC.  I refuse to accept that dragons are in general
oppressed, however much they may be a minority, and I'm certain that
duelling has rules quite apart from those that apply in ordinary combat
(unless one is a Frisian, in which case my studies lead me to think one may
be utterly beyond the pale, but I am fairly confident you are not a

>>If you can; he apparently couldn't.  I obviously need to invest for the
>>occasion in a fish-finger-ballista, to speed the whole business of
>>insertion up, or possibly a fish-finger-hose.  I wonder if they have them
>>at Brandon Tool Hire.... <ponders>  Would having *very large* fish-fingers
>>made specially be allowable?
>Probably. What am I allowed to fling back at you while this is going on?
>Dry dragon-kibble is likely to soak up any water in which you might
>happen to be lurking, which would be uncomfortable at best...

If it is a duel with fish-fingers, I don't think dragon-kibble is within
the terms; your seconds should stop you using it.  Or maybe mine ought to,
I'm not quite sure how it works.

I think you probably have to use *very small* fish-fingers.  Weaponry
bigger than one's opponent is surely unsporting?

>>As a matter of interest, given an absence of any liquid to wash them down
>>with how many digestive biscuits at the same time do you think you would be
>>able to eat?  Not that I'm planning anything you understand, just that it
>>would be an interesting datum.  Ahem.
>Assuming straight digestives, not chocolate-coated? Hmm. I shall have to
>go and practice.

<whistles a little tune>

<waits for the sound of explosive coughing>


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