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>> Lawrence Block is good respite from this.  He can write whole books
>> without ever attributing conversation.  I actually didn't notice this
>> until I read his book _Telling Lies for Fun and Profit_.
> That's not a bad trick if it can be pulled off.  If it's done badly, 
> it is
> downright unfair on the reader.  I haven't read the author, and 
> Charlie's
> reply is making me wonder if I have misunderstood you, but I took that 
> as
> meaning two or more people speaking in turn and not having names of the
> speaker attached to the speeches, rather than not having the manner of 
> the
> speech stated by the author.

I meant that Block can manage _not_ to say 'said'.  So he might instead 
something like this.

[imaginary example of mine]

"So did you go to the store?"  I reached for the orange juice.

"No.  I didn't have time."  She would no more touch orange juice than 
the moon.

"As a reason, that really sucks."

Since I never noticed he was doing it until it was pointed out to me, 
he must
be quite good at it.


I _did_ just get up and look at books from his three main series[es?] 
in all of them he uses 'said', although not necessarily very frequently.

So now I can't remember exactly what books he was talking about in 
Lies for Fun and Profit_.  <sigh>

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