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Roger wrote:

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>><crossed fingers>
>Fish fingers?

At dawn, sirrah, and breakfast for one afterwards!

I once had to deal with a two-year-old-or-so who had been sitting for
rather a long time in front of his bestest-of-all lunch, four fish-fingers
cut into quarters: not that he didn't want to eat them, he loved them, he
was just faffing about throwing chips at the dog to watch them being
snatched from the air.  "Oh, do get *on* with it!" I said, slightly
crossly, "We want to go out before it gets dark."

When I turned back round he had put the whole lot into his mouth, and was
sitting there gagged, entirely unable to move his jaws at all.  It was
remarkably difficult to get them back out; they were sort-of wedged in

Now, *that* was rather frightening, in case he choked; but I think a
similar treatment might be appropriate for your case.  I wonder how many
standard-sized fish-fingers I need to buy?



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