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>On Fri, Jan 23, 2004 at 06:12:18PM +0100, Monika Huebner wrote:
>>Oh no, definitely not. I bounced off the Anita Blake series after the
>>second book I read. I think I am less sensible to notice clunky
>>writing in English, but I found "Narcissus in Chains" quite horrible.
>>To top it all, it didn't have a plot at all, at least I couldn't find
>I think by that point in the series (it is after all volume 10) it's so
>entirely about the characters and how they find new ways to make
>themselves and each other unhappy that any veneer of detective-story has
>long since been scraped off.

That's true, but does this make it any better? I mean, if she hasn't
any more ideas than making Anita rescue someone, then have a bit of
sex (including graphic descriptions), rescue someone else, having more
sex, I think she should stop the series. But then, lots of people seem
to like books like that, if I remember well, "Narcissus in Chains" was
a New York Times Bestseller. Just wondering.


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