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meparks at meparks at
Sun Jan 25 02:24:10 EST 2004

on writers who always have someone breathe this or say this dryly:

I find that I have to cut out about half the references to facial movements in 
whatever I write, as otherwise I end up with an overabundance of people with 
facial tics.  I tend to have lots of raised eyebrows and rolled eyes and 
blinking and biiig eyes and so on and so forth, which is because I very much 
talk with my facial movements (the way that some people talk with their 
hands).  So do you think that perhaps Arthur Ransome usually said things in a 
dead-pan fashion?

Yeah. . . because I've never met anybody else who uses their face as much as I 
do.  The only people who come close are anime characters.


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