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>>Thanks for that answer to my question - telepathic too, since I think our
>>posts probably crossed!
>They arrived here at the same time.

I had a nice chuckle when I read them one after another.  I believe I must
have been reading Charlie's mind, which (hahahahaha) will no doubt be a Good
Influence on me if I can keep it up.

Does someone want to explain the may/might thing so I can explain why the
misuse is wrong to all the benighted souls I deal with?  That, like the use
of "whom," is one of those things for which I do not know the rules.  I
didn't pay any attention in grammar class, believing that if I could write
things correctly, it matterethed not if I knew the rules, but I think it's
an advantage...if only to pull intellectual rank.

I should be rejoining my friends upstairs (role-playing game night) but I
had to share:  I forgot myself in a conversation two nights ago and in the
heat of the moment used a Latin phrase and received BOTH the I-feel-really-
stupid look AND the "Wow, you're so smart, it's just amazing how much you
know" self-deprecation.  I really hate that.  I would rather keep up the
illusion that everyone I deal with is smart and self-confident instead of
feeling like a puppy-kicking bully.  I may be a Jeenyus and Allways Right,
but I don't have to like it.

Melissa Proffitt

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