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minnow at minnow at
Sat Jan 24 16:20:25 EST 2004

Dorian the Valiant wrote:

>  Minnow said...
>  > I throw you a sentence for your collective consideration.

>  > "It's this sort of attention to detail which makes the book so good, and
>  > feel so right."

[snip explanation]

>  (No doubt someone will now jump all over my attempts at grammaticism.  If you
>can explain me the rules such that they actually stick in my head, I'll be
>happy.  I do good grammar myself by instinct, which makes explaining it to
>others difficult to impossible.)

My problem is similar in that I can't readily express what is wrong with it
in technical terms.  If it hadn't felt all wrong to me, I wouldn't have
noticed what I thought was a typo in the first place, though.  I think it
was the "feel" hangiing in mid-air without anywhere it obviously seemed to
belong.  As Charlie said, I automatically added an s at the end of it, and
then thought "Hang on?" when I was told there shouldn't be one.


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