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Sat Jan 24 16:20:29 EST 2004

Melissa explained:

[and I have taken it away to look at and warm my hands by in the cold snap
we are told to expect next weekend]

>I think a casual reader is going to blend the two phrases together and miss
>the grammatical error (it sounds like a low-budget love ballad, really)

<stuffs rug in mouth to stifle sudden guffaw>

>ultimately it doesn't matter.  My beef is with the use of "which" instead of
>"that," which (hah!) is very wrong.  Not that I remember how to explain the
>rule; I just hold fast to it as an example of pedantic grammatical
>superiority.  :)

Oh, hush, I wasn't dragging that in because I felt one thing at a time was

I wanted to write, "I wasn't dragging which in because", but I had a
feeling that were I to do so, I might turn into something with too many
legs, or purple, and scuttle across the floor.

(Yes I did commit that last sentence with mallets aforethought, like Harpo.)


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