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> In that case Georgette Heyer is in trouble: in some of her books nobody
> ever seems to speak without they bellow at each other, even when it is
> clear from the text that they are speaking softly.  As it were, "Leave 
> me!"
> he murmured.  Or "Don't wake him!" she breathed.  My favourite is the 
> man
> who has been seriously wounded in a duel and is lying nearly 
> unconscious on
> the floor: "'I believe -- I shan't die -- this time -- either!' 
> whispered
> Lethbridge."  Ah well.  I forgive her anyway, because she's fun to 
> read.

She doesn't bother me.  I'll tell you who I think is rendered absolutely
unreadable by this:  Brian Freemantle.  He wrote/writes the Charlie
Muffin books.  I had to give up after the first few because people 
said things with an adverb, or did something besides _say_ things.
They retorted or said breathlessly or whatever.

Lawrence Block is good respite from this.  He can write whole books
without ever attributing conversation.  I actually didn't notice this 
I read his book _Telling Lies for Fun and Profit_.

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