SF with 'theological overtones'

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Sat Jan 24 08:16:41 EST 2004

I'm stubbornly refusing to allow the miserable to rise to 
consciousness, let alone 'screaming self-consciousness', (as Ven so 
aptly put it) on the matter of punctuation in order to enthuse about 
a book.  Lizzie asked about books as described in the subject-line a 
few weeks ago, and I've since seen that _The Oracle_ is going to be 
published in the States in March, as _The Oracle Betrayed_ (not an 
improvement, IMO).  In hardcover, which seems daft.   If you can find 
it in a local library, I'd highly recommend a read.  Catherine Fisher 
says that she wanted to combine 'the dry, desiccated mysteries of 
Egypt's religion of death, and the bright splendour of Greece', which 
was enough to grab me.  (Ok, the word used is actually 'dessicated', 
which I will freely admit looks more correct to me!  Nearly ignored 
my spell-checker because of 'splendour'.)

I really loved this book, and have just finished _The Archon_, which 
is the more-than-equally impressive sequel.  Aside from the wonderful 
characters, one of my favourite bits is the opening to each new 
section, which are the words of the god.  I found these moving and 
mysterious, especially in _The Archon_.  And I have no idea where 
she's going to go with the next book, nor how I'll manage to wait to 
find out!

(If anyone in the US should get hooked, I'll probably end up sending 
the books out through BookCrossing, once Becca and Cara have finished 
it, so you can get it sooner that way.)


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