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Elise wrote
>Possible spoilers for Song of Ice and Fire books
>On Thursday, January 22, 2004, at 12:08  PM, 
mecha godscylla wrote:
>>Hi Ian and everyone

Ian wrote:

>My theory has to do with Jon's parentage. I know

we haven't been told  who 
>his mother is explicitly, but I'll lay odds that

it's really Lyanna  Stark 
>(Eddard's sister) and that his father is the 
Targaryen who raped  her (I 
>can't remember which one it was now). Which 
makes Jon and  Daenerys very 
>closely related. Several times Eddard thinks 
about the  "price" he paid for 
>keeping Jon's secret. I don't think the price is
losing Jon's mother. I 
>think the price is the loss of his honor because
he's pretending that he 
>had a bastard child.


<Yes! I think so too.  Can't wait to see how that

comes out.>

Me too! I find it sad that he couldn't confide
the secret to his wife, but her frosty attitude
toward Jon was surely one of the strongest
supports for the (dangerous) deception. In a way
though Ned  betrayed her just as much by letting
her believe he had been unfaithful as if he
actually had. 

>My question is, who's left alive who knows this 
truth? Maester Aemon  
>perhaps? Stannis or Renly? Someone in Dorne.

My theory is that the missing uncle from the wall
is that strange icy guy who is with Bran, he
would also know. (is that a bad comma, anyone?)

<Hmm - let me check what he is saying now about 
the next book. I haven't 
checked in about a year because it is just too 
painful.  Hmm, an update was 
added on January 4. He's not done yet, but he has

911 pages. It won't let me 
direct link to the update, but:>

Thanks for the link


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