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Lizzie wrote,

My question is--has the idea of a comma splice 
being a bad thing died out in 
the UK?  I feel like British authors are a lot 
freer with commas than American 
authors, and I know that I spent at least a year 
in high school (along with my 
junior Advanced Placement English class) having 
the idea that comma splices are 
evil drummed into my head.  

Thanks to this and the various replies I have now
become screamingly self conscious about my
I am from the UK generation that came just after
bad implemenatation of good ideas meant they left
off teaching the rules for things like grammar
and perspective and left us to pick these things
up by osmosis. Fortunately I had various teachers
who would draw the blinds and gather us in close
to receive a few scraps  of the secret knowledge.
Unfortunately I had others who would complain
about errors but never explain, telling us we
were supposed to have learned it by now.
Consequently I rely on my ear (or should that be
eye) for grammar and often don't know WHY
something is right. Hmm, sidetracked by my own
rant (Hmm; sidetracked? Hmm. Sidetracked?) I was
meaning to say that afaik this is treated as a
stylistic issue, a matter of taste in UK english
but I think a light hand with the commas is in
favour at the moment.  


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