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On Thu, 22 Jan 2004 18:56:49 +0000, minnow at wrote:

>On a different subject, and this isn't meant as a criticism of JKR in the
>least, it just struck me as I was thinking about this:
>A lake is mentioned as the setting, on p433.  So technically they ought not
>to be mer-anythings, I suppose.

Technically, yes, but since Rowling is writing for a younger audience, I
would guess she used "merpeople" because "mermaid" is an instantly
recognizable creature, and "nixie" is not.  Besides, as Helen pointed out,
nixies don't have fish tails...and now I can't think if there are any
freshwater dwelling people who do.

This whole discussion is far more palatable than the one I had on another
list on the same topic, by the way....

Melissa Proffitt

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