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  Widdy said...

  > But I'm noticing some patterns in Rowling's writing that I don't like.
  > Most specifically, she commits the "sin" of using the same word too
  > often, too close together. I don't have a specific example, but it
  > would look something like: "Harry pulled out his wand. He touched his
  > wand to his nose." That's a bad example and doesn't really get at the
  > heart of the problem. Just some infelicitous prose. I'll note down the
  > next one I come across.

  It's interesting you should say that.  That particular sin is one that gets
jumped all over in my writers' workshop, but it's been suggested more than once
that said jumping may be a symptom of what we call "workshopitis".  Workshopitis
is, basically, jumping all over little (mainly stylistic) things that most
ordinary readers would never ever notice, let alone object to.

  I always wondered about the identification of this particular thing as
workshopitis, as it's something that's always bothered me, to the extent that
I'll rewrite sentences in my head till they flow better before reading on.  But
then, I also do good grammar by instinct, so it could also be a symptom of my
general weirdness.

  Anyway, I think it's interesting - and good! - to know that there's at least
one other reader out there who considers the habit to be a...shall we
say...stylistic infelicity.

  Until the sky falls on our heads...

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