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>Quoting "Ian W. Riddell" <iwriddell at>:

>> But I'm noticing some patterns in Rowling's writing that I don't like. 
>> Most specifically, she commits the "sin" of using the same word too 
>> often, too close together.

She also seems to have a preference for certain adverbs, like
"dully"or "closely" and for making people say things "through clenched
(or gritted) teeth". It's interesting that some of these have been
corrected in later editions of Order of the Phoenix. A friend of mine
has compiled a list of the changes between the first edition and the
unabridged audio book. Apparently Stephen Fry doesn't read from the
first edition.

>Rowling, too, is not strongest as a technically perfect writer (though she's 
>not nearly as bad as Hamilton). 

Oh no, definitely not. I bounced off the Anita Blake series after the
second book I read. I think I am less sensible to notice clunky
writing in English, but I found "Narcissus in Chains" quite horrible.
To top it all, it didn't have a plot at all, at least I couldn't find

>> I'm also re-reading George R. R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire books in 
>That's the second time in three days I've heard good things about those books; 
>I think I might have to try one. 

I have only read the first one so far over Christmas (the second one
is on my TBR, but at the moment I am reading the Lord of the Rings),
and I can really recommend it. I was reluctant to pick it up because
of the 800 pages, but Martin's characters are really interesting, and
I also like his writing. I'll get to "A Clash of Kings" soon.


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