Howl's Moving Castle soundtrack

Kale lskale at
Fri Jan 23 05:42:46 EST 2004

I was browsing a Japanese bookstore when I came across a familiar
image: the Ghibli image of Howl's moving castle.  Apparently, Studio
Ghibli has a habit of releasing image soundtracks based on storyboards
for the film.  The one for _Howl_ just came out.  The composer is
Joe Hisaishi, who does all the Ghibli films.  Because of the
European setting, it was decided from the outset that an orchestra was
required.  The composer wanted to use the traditional instruments of classical
music only and since Japan doesn't have orchestras like this, they turned to
the Czech Philharmonic in Prague.  They did their mixing at Abbey Road
Studios in London.

Track listing:

1) Mysterious World
2) The Wizard of the Moving Castle (ugoku shiro no mahoutsukai)
3) Sophie's Tomorrow (SOPHIE no ashita)
4) Boy
5) Moving Castle (ugoku shiro)
6) War War War
7) Wizard's Waltz (mahoutsukai no WALTZ)
8) Secret Garden
9) Dawn's Temptation (akatsuki no yuuwaku)
10) Cave of Mind


PS  Someone is kindly translating the Studio Ghibli production diary:

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