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Thu Jan 22 20:34:13 EST 2004

> > But I'm noticing some patterns in Rowling's writing that I don't like.
> > Most specifically, she commits the "sin" of using the same word too
> > often, too close together. I don't have a specific example, but it
> > would look something like: "Harry pulled out his wand. He touched his
> > wand to his nose." That's a bad example and doesn't really get at the
> > heart of the problem. Just some infelicitous prose. I'll note down the
> > next one I come across.
>Rowling, too, is not strongest as a technically perfect writer (though she's
>not nearly as bad as Hamilton).  I know exactly what you're talking about
>here ;).  I hope that your partner is enjoying them anyway!

Some of my advanced stylistics students analysed Rowling for their final 
essays. It was interesting how easy they found it to identify particular 
elements that stood out as being characteristic of her style.

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