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Helen wrote:

>In a message dated 1/22/2004 11:19:47 AM Pacific Standard Time, Minnow
>> A lake is mentioned as the setting, on p433.  So technically they ought not
>> to be mer-anythings, I suppose.  Can someone please tell me if there is a
>> proper word for a fresh-water-dwelling person?  Lorelei?  Do those have
>> male counterparts?
>Nixies, I think. That's what the Rheinmaidens are, aren't they? But if the
>merfolks are half fish, that might be something else. I don't think nixies
>fish tails. Hmmm.

Oooh... Thank you!

The 1933 S.O.D. says they are usually malignant water-elfs!  It gives nix
as the masculine and nixie as the feminine form, too.  But it doesn't
mention tails.

I don't see why a nix shouldn't have a tail if he wanted though, I don't
suppose many people have seen one and lived to tell it.

(Note the noble pun-resistence there.)


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