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Possible spoilers for Song of Ice and Fire books

On Thursday, January 22, 2004, at 12:08  PM, mecha godscylla wrote:

> Hi Ian and everyone
> I haven't read the Potter books, but I do hate it when I see the same  
> word used too often.   When I used to read Anne Rice back in my teens  
> -  I gnashed my teeth over each appearance of the word 'elegant.'   
> Frequent gnashing.  Those books left me yearning for characters with  
> very poor hygiene and strange skin conditions.
> But I have been reading The Song of Ice and Fire.  I agree about the  
> characters.  It's interesting to me how reluctant I feel to consider  
> new facets of the characters - the medicine goes down a bit rough, but  
> I know it's good.
> It's hard to be patient when I am really wondering how he will bring  
> it all together. I hope he doesn't rush the story lines with Jon and  
> Daenerys.
> I wonder if your theory and mine are the same theory??  I hope so as  
> it would be validating - some have utterly rejected my theory.

My theory has to do with Jon's parentage. I know we haven't been told  
who his mother is explicitly, but I'll lay odds that it's really Lyanna  
Stark (Eddard's sister) and that his father is the Targaryen who raped  
her (I can't remember which one it was now). Which makes Jon and  
Daenerys very closely related. Several times Eddard thinks about the  
"price" he paid for keeping Jon's secret. I don't think the price is  
losing Jon's mother. I think the price is the loss of his honor because  
he's pretending that he had a bastard child.

There's so much emphasis on the fact that the Barratheon children don't  
look like Robert when all of his offspring look so much like him. I  
think the same is true for Jon Snow. There are many references to him  
looking "like a Stark" and most of the references about the other Stark  
children say how much they look like their mother and uncle.

My question is, who's left alive who knows this truth? Maester Aemon  
perhaps? Stannis or Renly? Someone in Dorne.

Now I really can't wait till the end!

> So... Year of the Monkey - so you must be 12, eh?  12 again?  12  
> still?  24? :)

36, actually (or I will be in September)


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