Completely OT: Favor

Kyra Jucovy klj at
Thu Jan 22 13:56:33 EST 2004

Hi, everyone,
	I'm really sorry to even bring this up, and I wouldn't if it
weren't something that is intensely important to me, but I was wondering
if any of you list members who live in Britain would be willing to do me a
humongous favor by buying a couple of CDs from's Marketplace and
sending them to me.  I would, of course, pay the person who did this all
the money back, including shipping charges.  Apparently, we Americans are
not able to buy things over the UK Marketplace :(.

If anyone would be willing to help me, please respond to me offlist.
Thanks a lot in advance!


"Apparently, when not finishing a screenplay adaptation of his novel "The
Tragic Muse" or working with Ismail Merchant, Henry [James] runs a
lucrative crystal meth business whose profits are threatened because Ford
has possession of Henry's drugs."
			---Elvis Mitchell, _The New York Times_

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