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Thu Jan 22 13:08:26 EST 2004

Hi Ian and everyone

I haven't read the Potter books, but I do hate it when I see the same word 
used too often.   When I used to read Anne Rice back in my teens -  I 
gnashed my teeth over each appearance of the word 'elegant.'  Frequent 
gnashing.  Those books left me yearning for characters with very poor 
hygiene and strange skin conditions.

But I have been reading The Song of Ice and Fire.  I agree about the 
characters.  It's interesting to me how reluctant I feel to consider new 
facets of the characters - the medicine goes down a bit rough, but I know 
it's good.

It's hard to be patient when I am really wondering how he will bring it all 
together. I hope he doesn't rush the story lines with Jon and Daenerys.

I wonder if your theory and mine are the same theory??  I hope so as it 
would be validating - some have utterly rejected my theory.

We must kidnap Mr. Martin, and Ms. P.C. Hodgell while we are at it - and 
lock them up with reams of paper and pen.

So... Year of the Monkey - so you must be 12, eh?  12 again?  12 still?  24? 

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