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At 07:30 PM 1/14/2004 +0000, Minnow wrote:
>lizzie wrote:
> >Most Interesting New Comic Book: Neil Gaiman's 1602.  I've only read the 
> fifth
> >of five volumes out yet, but!  Alternate history with major characters
> >from the
> >Marvel universe set in the year 1602?  I'm definitely going to follow 
> this for
> >a bit.  The art style seems very League of Extraordinary 
> Gentlemen-style. . .
>Mem to self: get hold of this....
>Who is doing the art?  Is it split pencils/inks/colourist, or all one person?

Artist: Andy Kubert
Colors: Richard Isanove
Letters: Todd Klein

"The art style is fascinating: Andy draws completely finished pencils, then 
goes in over the top and colours them, using, among other tools, the 
Neil Gaiman's Journal (Aug. 15, 2003)

I think the graphic novel (hardcover) is scheduled to come out in June 
2004, according
to what he wrote in his journal in December.  There are supposed to be only 
eight issues
and I think six have come out already.


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