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  Sallyo said...

  > > DWJ says, "No!!  Really?  I had no idea...  How wondrous!  This is the
  > sort
  > > of thing that sometimes happens and it's truly extraordinary and
  > > marvellous.  Tell me more..."
  > It does. It's a well-known "thing" with writers. Things get invented, and
  > then you discover they're really being reinvented. It can either do your
  > 'ead in, or else you can beam and say "serendipity synchronicity" ten times,
  > very quickly.

  Yep, it's happened to me a few times.

  Frex...I decided that vampires, in my world, were originally created by a
demon.  Then I decided that the major vampire character was called Harlequin.
Then I looked up Harlequin in the dictionary and discovered that it means (more
or less) "a leader of demons" (which also tied in nicely to the fact that the
heroine of that book is the direct descendant of a demon).

  Or again, I had a character who's a student of English become strongly linked
to a beech tree.  What did I find out that the beech signifies in the alphabet
of trees?  Knowledge and words.

  It's so fun when things hook up like that.

  Until the sky falls on our heads...

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