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Thu Jan 15 15:21:23 EST 2004

--- minnow at wrote:
> Jon wrote:
> [on Colin the Librarian]
> >Pretty fair review, perhaps a little generous, the
> >book is truely bad. I am astonished to discover
> that
> >i) it took two people to write something this bad
> >and
> >ii) it actualy had hardcover and paperback
> editions. I
> >supose lots of librarians bought it in hardcover on
> >account of the title. I suspect that it was very
> >common in library book sales in 1994. Still I'll be
> >keeping my copy as a canditate for Worst Fantasy
> Book
> >Ever.
> Does it have gems of bad prose as well as the dire
> plot
> and would-be-funny?  I collect those.  

I've only just pulled my copy back out from the
mountain of books awaiting shelving. While the overall
writing is pretty bad it is not easy to find a notably
bad example. A typical paragraph. "If you are going to
screw around I may just leave you to your fate at the
hands of the Thargs, who obviously know of your
It's more the plot, the names of the characters (one,
for no obvious reason is called Wealthy Vicars) and
even the illustrations. (yes, it has pictures!)

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