Joan Aiken, vague spoiler for Midwinter Nightingales (and real spoiler for series)

Charles Butler hannibal at
Tue Jan 13 15:13:31 EST 2004

> Thanks, Charlie, but I didn't mean to imply that people here had said
> I'd invented this, only that they didn't believe JA meant what she'd
> said.

I wonder why? It seems a classic example of what I shall hereby name
Reichenbach Syndrome, where authors begin to harbour a desire to do away
with their most successful and popular characters. Think how Richmal
Crompton fulminated against William Brown! But maybe JA's motives were

(One I've been looking at recently is the cancelled passage from Garner's
*Moon of Gomrath*, which tells how the Morrigan stalked up to Colin and
Susan "and wrung the little buggers' necks". Don't you kind of wish he'd
kept that in?)


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