Joan Aiken, vague spoiler for Midwinter Nightingales (and real spoiler for series)

Charles Butler hannibal at
Tue Jan 13 10:36:36 EST 2004

> And then there is the article I read in Locus, iirc, in which JA said
> she'd planned to leave Dido dead after Black Hearts, but was
> convinced to change her mind by a young fan.  Which was shot down as
> not credible on the list when I mentioned it then, so I bring it up
> now very much in the FWIW department. :)

You're not wrong but right, Hallie. This is taken from JA's interview in
*The Pied Pipers*:

"I did go on with Dido, mainly because of the letters [from children],
though I'd intended her to die in *Black Hearts in Battersea*, because I
thought the death of a child was something everyone ought to face; and then
I had a really heartrending letter from in a child in America saying why did
she have to die, she was so good; so--at that time I was interested in
whaling ships, and I couldn't resist combining the whaling ship with having
her rescued from the sea."

She goes on to add this hostage to fortune:

"I don't think I will write about her any more, because she's now grown
quite enough."

That was in 1974...


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