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Sun Jan 11 19:48:55 EST 2004

Otter Perry wrote:

>I read a Diane Duane and could never bring myself to read another.
>As far as I can remember, I thought she had some good ideas and
>was unable to bring them off.

Interesting.  What I have read of hers varies quite a lot, so I'd
hesitate to categorise her too swiftly; I've enjoyed much of it but
in different degrees and for different reasons.  I certainly
wouldn't want to try to recommend one of her books for anyone else
to read unless I knew their tastes as well as I know my own!

Of the StarTrek (TM) books I've read at one time and another (mostly
when there was nothing else but the cornflake packet, because not
having ever seen but the one episode of the television show, I find
it hard to get interested in the books) I found hers and Morwood's to
be more fun than the rest.  And one day I shall run one of her My
Little Pony books to earth just in order to take it to a signing
session.  <evil grin>

>I _do_ like Cat Chess, although I can't remember if she calls it that

She calls it "hauissh".  There is an Afterword in *The Book of Night
with Moon* which gives details about it, and in which she footnotes
Pratchett's *The Unadulterated Cat* as describing the game briefly.


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