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I think I may have missed something. I have no record of any Diane Duane
discussion, and am desperate to know what are the two Nita books to which
you refer? Are they new ones in the series? Sorry if I'm repeating things
you all know.
BTW I no longer have Incredimail so will not bombard you with anything
unpleasant when I write. Computer finally gave up on Christmas Eve and has
been replaced by sleeker and sadly more expensive model. Oh well, a good
excuse to justify spending lots of time with it!


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> On Thu, 4 Dec 2003, Dorian E. Gray wrote:
> |>  . Diane Duane's second cat wizard book has some steampunk elements,
> |>  it's kinda bad.
> |
> |Why do you think it's bad?  I like that book a lot, personally (though
> |not sure I'd have identified it with steampunk...or maybe, upon second
> |thoughts, I would).  But I love the characters, the setting is great, the
> |writing is transparent...I'm curious about why you didn't like it.
> Much, much later...
> Dunno.  In retrospect, it's not that bad, just that none of the Young
> Wizards books have lived up the the promise of the first two, in my
> opinion.  I've been downright annoyed by the last two Nita books.  So I
> withdraw my "kinda bad" assessment.
> -deborah
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