Grim Tuesday - perhaps a spoiler.

Anita Graham amgraham at
Tue Jan 6 08:26:50 EST 2004

Once Jon gave us the news that Grim Tuesday was available, I rushed out
and bought it. (My independent bookstore didn't have it, so I got it
from a chain.)

I think I liked Mr Monday better, but I still enjoyed Grim Tuesday.

Jon's airship theme from recently read books:- I found instead a Yan,
Tan, Tethera theme from my recent books. We just finished listening to
Tony Robinson read Terry Pratchett's "Wee Free Men", and the heroine is
called "jigget" by her grandmother as that is 20 in the yan, tan,
tethera counting. Grim Tuesday's henchmen are called Yan, tan etc. (Was
there a yan, tan, tethera in "The Merlin Conspiracy", which I've just


Having just reread "The Merlin Conspiracy", I was noting the opposition
of the plot of that and Grim Tuesday. In the Merlin Conspiracy, right is
on the side of the Establishment, meaning, in this case, the Magids and
the Wizards. The Establishment is being overthrown by the sneezy, greasy
"little man" movement (thinking of Dora and of Toby's father), and Nick,
Roddy and friends act against them, and with the establishment. (You
could characterise it as Left vs. Right, with Right in the right in this

In Grim Tuesday, the Establishment is rotten, and Arthur, Suzy and
friends are acting against the current "government", and freeing at
least some of the Denizens. When will we meet The Piper, and can he free
the children?

Do you think Leaf and Branch will end up playing a larger part in the

I didn't notice a link to the seven deadly sins, although I think Grim
Tuesday could easily be either gluttony or avarice.

I was wondering about the characteristics of the "days", and how they
related to the characteristics of their bit of the will, though. 

Monday was an aesthete, slothful. His "will" was quick and scurrying,
fast to act and so making errors in that way.
Tuesday was the miner/craftsman. His "will" was lazy and legalistic, and
made errors by being slow.
Wednesday seems as though it will be a high society lady. What will her
will fragment be like?

Anita. About time for a reread. Nearly 24 hours since I finished. 

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