Grim Tuesday

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Mon Jan 5 15:35:14 EST 2004

--- Charles Butler
<hannibal at> wrote:
> Jon:
> Grim Tuesday is a very
> > quick read (once started you can't stop) and as
> good
> > as Mr Monday. I didn't notice any linguistic
> > strangeties, but then at the speed I read it I
> > probably wouldn't have. Now to wait for Drowned
> > Wednesday.
> Did you notice anything to support (or more likely
> refute) my hunch that
> somewhere in this series there's a link with the
> Seven Deadly Sins? Mr
> Monday was Sloth, for my money. Did Tuesday connect
> in any obvious way with
> one of the remaining ones? Wrath, for instance (just
> going by the name)?

Averice or Greed perhaps, he acts against Arthur's
family through finances and controlling he stock
exchange. Also through Monday owing him money. He is
also a great collector of treasures from the secondary
world, so so-far your theory is holding up.
I also noticed one strange co-incidence between it and
the book I am now reading "Well of lost plots". In
Grim Tuesday there is a trip to the sun in a flying
ship while in Lost Plots Thursday Next lives in a
SUNderland flying boat. The next book I'll be reading
is Predator's Gold which has an airship on the cover
as well.


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