Genric Holiday Post (a Bit of Best of, a bit of Christmas Books)

Sally Odgers sodgers at
Sat Jan 3 08:46:11 EST 2004

> beauty of the language. English is way more elegant than German, in
> general you need many more words to say the exact same thing.

My husband and I find this fascinating when we watch "Inspector Rex" with
subtitles. The characters will say a lot, but there will be just a few words
on screen. I think the subtitles are sometimes a fairly free translation,
though; I know a few German words when I hear them and don't always see them
reflected on the screen. We are always puzzled when the word "Rex" appears
in subtitles, since it sounds more or less the same in German and English!
The German (Austrian?) actor seems to put a ghostly "h" in front, that's


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