Genric Holiday Post (a Bit of Best of, a bit of Christmas Books)

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Sat Jan 3 03:33:12 EST 2004

On Fri, 2 Jan 2004 23:59:23 +1100, "Sally Odgers"
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>Nice to hear from you. You and I are the same age give or take a couple of
>years and you're yet another person putting me to shame by being bi-(at
>least) lingual.

Well, once upon a time, I also spoke French and Spanish, though I was
never fluent in Spanish. But my French was always better than my
English. Originally, I have studied languages, I am a translator for
French and Spanish, but unfortunately I never found work in the field.
So my Spanish is all gone after twenty years, and my French is
declining because I haven't practiced it for ages. To compensate for
this, my English has become a lot better during the past few years,
due to using the Internet and reading more and more books in English.
Most of the time, I find the translations of SF and fantasy books
excruciatingly bad, not to mention that I would miss out on a lot of
good books which never get translated. So I am very happy to be able
to use my languages to read stuff in the original language, like this,
those five years of university weren't completely wasted. ;-)


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