Best of 2003

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Fri Jan 2 15:15:43 EST 2004

--- Miss Aimee Smith <s4028253 at>
> Before I list my list(it's not that long or
> intellectual, and it's really just from this
> holidays): I just read Hexwood and Mister Monday for
> the first time! 

This provides an oportunity to mention that Grim
Tuesday is now out, picked up a copy with a 2004
publication date yesterday morning. Am halfway
through, very unputdownable, I'm alternating between
reading a few pages and reading my email.

> Have started Perdido Street Station (and might not
> finish it) and am fully intending to try and get
> Neverwhere next.

This, and The Scar, would be amoungst my favorites for
last year.


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