Genric Holiday Post (a Bit of Best of, a bit of Christmas Books)

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Fri Jan 2 06:21:24 EST 2004


I am new to this list (well, I have been lurking for about three
months now, but I have never posted anything so far). I thought the
new year would be a good occasion to introduce myself. My name is
Monika, I am 44 years old and I am German (I live in southwestern
Germany, just north of the Black Forest). I have started reading
fantasy about 4 years ago when I discovered Harry Potter, and I like
the DWJ's books I have read so far a lot, too. (My favourite is "Deep
Secret"). I read lots of other books too, mainly non-fiction (my
favourite subjects being evolution and palaeontology), and also a lot
of SF.

On Thu,  1 Jan 2004 00:35:55 -0500, meparks at wrote:

> I'm really glad that she's doing 
>something new; I've also been really interested in sf with theological 
>overtones lately (any reccomendations?)

I don't know what you are looking for (I am not really a religious
person), but two authors who immediately spring to mind here are Mary
Doria Russell and Robert J. Sawyer. I don't know if you already know
Russell's "The Sparrow" and "Children of God", but those are among my
all time favourites. They are about a failed mission to Alpha Centauri
organized by the Jesuits, and they feature a whole cast of really
great, three-dimensional characters. The protagonist is a young Jesuit
who is the sole survivor of the mission (it's not a spoiler, you learn
it on the first three pages or so of "The Sparrow"). The book relates
the story of him struggling with his faith because of what happened to
him and what (he thinks) he has done.

There are theological overtones in a couple of Robert Sawyer's SF
books, too, mainly in "Calculating God" and his "Neanderthal Parallax"
trilogy. They are all really good reads, but then, Sawyer is one of my
favourite authors, except perhaps "Starplex" I can recommend any of
his books. Most of them are mystery/SF crossovers.


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