Cautionary New Year's Tale

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Thu Jan 1 14:43:40 EST 2004

--- Hallie O'Donovan <hallieod at> wrote:
>  From the New York Times, 31. December 2003.
> Avalanche of paper traps man in his room
> 12/31/2003
> NEW YORK -- A man who says he sells books and
> magazines on the street 
> was rescued after being trapped for two days under a
> mountain of 
> reading material in his apartment. 

Some years ago there was a well known character in
Sydney fandom to whom something similar happened. As
his collection grew (and this person was obsessive -
he collected anything that was paper and had writing
on it) it took over his house until he was living out
of only two rooms in the back, with only a narrow
passage between boxes of books to get from the front
door. After they collapsed, blocking the front door,
he had to climb over the roof to get into his house
from the back. Later he aquired the house next door to
live in. Eventually various members of Sydney fandom
were given bits of his collection to mind. I have had
two boxes of his Marvel comics from the sixties for 20
years now. A quick Google on his name reveals that he
is still active in Sydney fandom.


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