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Quoting Roger Burton West <roger at>:

(on Catherine Asaro)
> Space Romance? I know various publishers have tried to start SF-romance
> lines, usually with little success. Asaro certainly considers herself to
> be writing romances which happen to be science fiction, rather than the
> other way round; and she's not only a physicist but someone who _thinks_
> about physics, which helps a great deal. 

I believe that Silhouette is launching a new line called Luna which is sf-
romance; there's already been a collection of short novels by authors including 
Catherine Asaro and Mercedes Lackey, and I believe both of them have novels 
coming out through Luna fairly soon.  Amazon also has a preorder option for an 
anthology featuring Asaro and Bujold, Jennifer Roberson, and romance authors 
including Jo Beverley and Mary Jo Putney.  It's called _Irresistable Forces_, 
and while I don't think it's associated with the Luna line, it's of similar 

I wonder if this one will succeed!  I wonder if Mercedes Lackey will tone down 
her gay sex and rape for more mainstream romance novels!  Given the review of 
her story in the first anthology I mentioned, it doesn't look like it.

lizzie ;)

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