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Thu Jan 1 11:43:35 EST 2004

Ah!  The other thing I wanted to diversify with, but forgot until now:

Most Interesting New Comic Book: Neil Gaiman's 1602.  I've only read the fifth 
of five volumes out yet, but!  Alternate history with major characters from the 
Marvel universe set in the year 1602?  I'm definitely going to follow this for 
a bit.  The art style seems very League of Extraordinary Gentlemen-style. . .

which brings us to Most Disappointing Comic Book Movie Ever (and you know this 
is a competitive category ;): League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.  The comic was 
so pretentiously clever, so well-researched.  They stretched a mask of that 
over a generic and stupid action movie, made the one woman more sexual, added 
more pretty Hollywood actors, and more explosions.  Some months later, I am 
still bitter.

lizzie ;)

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