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>Another Discovery was Catherine Asaro--I liked her last name, so I read a book 
>and became Very Addicted, and read through her Skolian Imperialite series in a 
>week.  I'm not sure exactly how to categorize it--space opera?--but whatever it 
>is, I think it's great (though I still think that Connie Willis deserved the 
>Nebula for Passage more than Catherine Asaro did for The Quantum Rose).

Space Romance? I know various publishers have tried to start SF-romance
lines, usually with little success. Asaro certainly considers herself to
be writing romances which happen to be science fiction, rather than the
other way round; and she's not only a physicist but someone who _thinks_
about physics, which helps a great deal. I know she has read and enjoyed
Heyer, though she doesn't consider herself particularly a fan.

Another author I discovered at about the same time is Sarah Zettel;
she's been going off lately, I think, but her early books were superb
(particularly _Fool's War_). I mention her here because she's a fan of
DWJ's work...

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