My List for 2003.

Sally Odgers sodgers at
Thu Jan 1 01:24:55 EST 2004

OK, here's my list... not very complete, since I lost track of the books I
read after July!



Good Omens (TP and NG). Loved this one.

Reginald Hill's Dalziel and Pascoe novels. Quite different from the series
in the later issues. Fun.

Val McDermid's Kate Brannigan books. Like Kinsey Milhone, but English, and
the characters are much more likable (IMHO).

Jo Bannister's Castlemere, Primrose and Brodie series.

The Bannister is a good writer, and the weird similarities between the three
series (triumverates - two men, one woman, but not romantic triangles)
fascinate me. Only - why does she keep Doing things to the Young Man?

Books that performed As Expected -

Merlin Conspiracy and Alchemy (Mahy)

Biggest Disappointment -

Bridget Jones - the Edge of Reason. I heard the first BJ novel on audio and
it was so brilliantly read that I borrowed #2 in print. Not a good move.

Unexpected Fun-

Round Ireland with a Fridge (Tony Hawks.)

Rereads that still Gave the Goods.

Bellwether (Connie Willis), The Apple Stone (Nicholas Stuart Gray), Black
Banner Players (Geoffrey Trease.)  Painting the RosesWhite (Barbara Wenzel.)

Guilty Pleasure-

The Shapestone (James Bibby.)

Worst Book -

Don't know. It's probably faded into Merciful Oblivion.

The worst of 2002 was SEA WITCH by Iris Gower. I believe this was just an
off day, since she's popular... or maybe it was just Me.


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