Attitudes to witches

Charles Butler hannibal at
Wed Feb 25 09:31:00 EST 2004


> Oh, and I don't think she is Russian: the usual thing is that she comes
> home after some hero or heroine has got into her house in one way or
> another, and complains that "The Russian smell was never here before, and
> now I smell it", which looks as if she is something other than Russian,
> though she is never given a nationality.

Thanks for all that extra info, Minnow.

I think Baba Yaga is found in most of the Slavic countries, FWIW (and -
ObDWJ - her hut at least seems to have made it as far as Japan, judging from
the Howl trailer doing the rounds). On the other hand, in that quotation -
so strongly reminiscent of 'Fee fi fo fum, I smell the blood of an
English/British man' - I'd guess that 'Russian' is just another way of
saying 'human'.


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