Attitudes to witches

Sally Odgers sodgers at
Tue Feb 24 19:08:34 EST 2004

> Not only could he find none, he could find nothing
> indicating that there had ever anywhere been worship
> of what we might call "The Goddess", a female Yahweh
> equivalent, a monotheistic system in which the One
> God was female.  As far as he could make out, this
> idea didn't exist before about 1899,

Gerald Gardner "invented" the modern wicca... sort of.

> M'yes.  Trevor-Roper argues that it is almost
> impossible for a ruler to cause pogroms or suchlike
> unless they also have the support of the generality of
> the people.  It's only after the whole thing has got
> completely out of hand that the hundreds and thousands
> of small folk who didn't say much in public sneak away
> home and leave the ones who were the figureheads to
> carry the blame for the appalling results.

Reminds me of the Princess Di thing. The paparezzi (sp?) got a lot of flack,
but if no one bought magazines or papers that had "stolen" photos, then the
pizza-men would be out of business.  Maybe if the celebs stopped running and
posed with a smile then that might help too?


'Enough, thou garrulous garnish!' - Becca of Braveria.

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